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Moderator's Roles:
Guardian Angel

Online role-play moderators can read most communications between roles in the online role-play. With this capability, online role-play moderators watch students’ moves and must maintain an overview of the general direction of the role-play progression. Online role-play moderators need to help when something goes wrong, or if a role is not advancing satisfactorily. Online role-play moderators must respond to help requests from the students but must judge whether to provide or decline requests based on the learning objectives set in the online role-play. While the online role-play moderator should communicate a sense of support to the roles, it is important that roles do not become over-dependent on the online role-play moderator to advance the role-play.


  : Stepping-in as moderator

When you feel the need to step in as a moderator, don't. Try nudging other characters to do the work you need to do on the 'needy one'. Remember ownership of the role-play by the learners deepens their commitment and their learning experience.
Simon O'Mallon, DMIT


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"Duty of care" is a notion commonly mentioned and practised by teachers of younger children. Some role-plays are psychologically intense and it is important that the online role-play moderator understands the risk and likelihood of mixing the virtual world with the real world. While we like to see transfer of experience from the simulated world into the real world, it is critically important that students do not confuse actions in the simulated world (especially violent actions) with actions in a real world. In the simulated world, some actions are allowed as a means to study and evaluate the consequence of such actions. Some of these actions may be morally unacceptable or illegal in the real world. The online role-play moderator must ensure that students understand the purpose in allowing these actions to happen in the simulated world.


EXAMPLE from World Politics in Transition RP

Roni Linser, UMelb


  : Duty of Care

Duty of Care: Be prepared for the unexpected! Give learners options - to change roles, withdraw, access a moderator out of role, should some buttons be pressed.
Marie Jasinski, DMIT


  : Psychological Support

Consider carefully if the role-play may require psychological support services eg sexual harassment role-plays, domestic violence etc and provide obvious and reliable support services. This may be by hyperlink initially, with a process for real-world contact if needed.
Simon O'Mallon, DMIT




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