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Moderator's Roles:
Manipulative Devil

One tactic to create learning opportunities is to set up problems for roles to solve. These problems can be inserted into online role-play by for example enabling one role to "leak" critical game information to the role's opponent or by creating a crisis when things are going smoothly.


EXAMPLE from World Politics in Transition RP

Roni Linser, UMelb


  : Provoking participation

Don't hesitate to use ' value stretch' (defensible fibs) to fire up the participants against each other. Some questionable suggestions can get new directions happening.
Simon O'Mallon, DMIT


  : Assigning roles

Be a manipulative devil when assigning roles. Remember that if participants don’t participate, there is no game! A great design can come unstuck if the participants don’t bring it to life!
Marie Jasinski, DMIT




Moderator's Guide > Manipulative Devil

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