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  Generic Skills Development Design Team

"Supporting Generic Skill Development with Online Technology"


J Luca
Design Team
  Team: Joe Luca


  Focus: Collaborative
  Discipline: Education & Educational Technology
  Target: Undergraduate (late)
  ICT used: Web plus special software (database)
  Scope: Entire subject

Designer's Summary


This setting encourages students to choose a team role within a multimedia development environment (e.g. project manager, instructional designer, graphic designer, media developer or programmer). Students develop an authentic product (web site or CD ROM) for a real client, as well as the required documentation including project proposal, design specifications, legal documentation, QA procedures and metrics, all of which are based on industry standards. The main aim is to provide students with meaningful learning experiences that promote the development of generic skills and help make each student “expert” in their team role.

Students are given both face-to-face instruction (3 hrs/week) and a range of online learning resources to help support activities that are authentic, self-regulated and reflective in nature. At the end of the semester, the teams’ work is compiled into an E-portfolio, showing both the final product and documentation, and hosted on university servers to provide a CV for the students.

Comment from the Project Team...

An important feature of this learning design in terms of reusability that was identified by the Project Team is the use of ICT to facilitate student self and peer assessment. In this example, a FileMaker Pro database was implementation. However, for this project, Joe Luca and his team at Edith Cowan University have developed a revised tool in a web-based format. The Online Self and Peer Assessment tool and accompanying user documentation are accessable via the "Cross-links" section below orby accessing the "Tools" section of this web site.

Rationale for Inclusion


This exemplar has been selected for inclusion for the following reasons:

  • It demonstrates an effective implementation of self and peer assessment. The learning design has been implemented a number of times and has undergone extensive research as it was the subject of Joe Luca's PhD.
  • The learning design is suitable for application in a broad range of disciplines.

To facilitate this learning design's reusability, a web-based software tool titled: Online Self and Peer Assessment Tool has been developed by this project. It is accessable from the "Cross-links" below or from the "Tools" section of this web site.

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