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Designers Voice - Context



The learning design comprises four main activity stages, with a a range of resources and support mechanisms.

View the Learning Design Sequence for a graphical representation of this learning design.




Decide on a team role; Negotiate within a team of four students the exact responsibilities of this role, which include major deliverables for each assignment, the approximate hours of work, and an estimate of the quality of work (grade expectation); ...




A text book written specifically for this course; Two Readers with contemporary information on multimedia project management; Procedures and templates; etc....




Samples of multimedia job adverts and specifications; Online contract template; Online procedures and templates; etc....



Setting Notes


The application was used in a unit that focused on Multimedia Project Management. However, the shell can be used for any discipline...




The learning environment is designed to promote meaningful learning (in any subject area), which then also results in the development of generic skills as natural consequence of the learning activities...




All assessment items are integrated...


ICT Contribution


ICT support helped to scaffold many of the learning activities. In particular, self/peer assessment was simple for the students to complete, and it was easy for the tutors to read reports generated ...



Pedagogy Notes


Three key learning principles were used as the framework. An implementation strategy was proposed that would support the development of learning environments based on authenticity, student-centred activities and reflection...




The design originates as part of my PhD thesis...




The learning environment was rigorously evaluated over a period of 6 months. Both qualitative and quantitative research techniques were implemented...


Designer Debrief


Many students have appreciated being made aware of the how the industry operates and the skills required, and have actively developed CVs based on the work done in this unit...


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