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  Review, Interpret, Construct, Justify



"Review, Interpret, Construct, Justify:
A situated problem focussed learning design"

  Team: Max Angus, Jan Gray and Ron Oliver

Designer's Summary


The learning design described in this generic guide is based on the rationale of providing learners to build on a series of smaller, collaborative authentic tasks, each scaffolding the skills and concepts necessary for developing a response to the final authentic task. In doing so, learners engage in the following processes: Review, Interpret, Construct, and Justify.

This learning design has been applied in a postgraduate Education subject on Research Methods and is suitable for implementation in many undergraduate and postgraduate subjects.

Rationale for Inclusion


This generic guide has been developed for the following reasons:

  • The learning design represents an online problem-focussed approach based on sound pedagogical principles and enabling learners to engage in authentic tasks by adopting the process of Review, Interpret, Construct, and Justify and can be reused in many different disciplines and contexts.
  • The learning design does not require complex or expensive technology infrastructure for its use. It could be supported by existing Learning Management Systems.

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Angus, M., Gray, J. and Oliver, R. (2002). Review, Interpret, Construct, Justify: A situated problem focussed learning design. Retrieved , from Learning Designs Web site:

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