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  Online Role-Play



Sequence Symbol


The learning sequence visually represents the Online Role-Play generic learning design and outlines the resources, tasks and supports need for this design. This generic design is useful in instances where learners need to understand the roles that stakeholders play in authentic settings which are difficult to experience.



Task Symbbol


Learners are required to accept and research a role in an authentic context, represent themselves in that role within the setting described, react to other learners in that setting playing roles, resolve a situation or problem and then reflect on the outcomes of the experience.



Resources Symbol


The generic learning design requires role descriptions, a scenario to participate in, background readings and resources and moderator inputs to stimulate the role-play or focus participants on the task.



Supports Symbol


This generic learning design is dependent on an effective moderator and other participating students. Additionally, a believable scenario is essential for the learners to fully engage in the experience.




Setting Notes


In designing the learning setting information on supporting learners new to role-play, tips for online moderators and assessment of the student responses in the form of a marking framework are important. Additionally, there are a variety of tools for role-play which offer different capabilities; details about these tools are provided.




This learning setting supports development of communication, research, critical thinking, negotiation and decision-making skills. Skills to participate in negotiation processes that work towards consensus-based outcomes are characteristic of this generic learning design as well as abilities to be self-critical individually or as part of a team.




The assessment tasks in this generic learning design are commonly the outcomes from the task needed to move the role-play forward. The assessment tasks encompass publishing a role profile, active engagement in the role-play discussion and published proposed resolutions. Reflection of the experience is also a key assessment task.


ICT Contribution


The role of the technology in this generic learning design is to facilitate the context of the role-play and the learner interactions with each other.


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