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Designers Voice - Context



The learning design implemented for this exemplar encompasses 4 stages. Stages 2 to 4 involve online role-play. View the Learning Design Sequence for a graphical representation of the learning design.




Participants are each given a character role at the end of the last substantive face-to-face session...The characters are pre-selected by the lecturers, to achieve the maximum learning and to challenge their existing roles or positions...




Detailed written instructions are essential as is a clear programme... With up to half the students coming from outside Australia it was essential to provide back-up resources and additional guidance. The students are shown an 8 minute video of previous students who have completed the role-play. Some examples and advice are provided to reduce the anxiety and facilitate a clearer understanding of what is required...A book of readings on law and finance is provided to the students.

Comment from the Project Team...

Note that "instructions" and "examples and advice" can be considered as support mechanisms of the learning design.




Both academics from finance and law, participate in the exercise. Their position is that of an “academic” expert which enables critical comments on the public debates and comments of students....



Setting Notes


This learning task is at the end of their other study and other assessment tasks. The alternative to the role-play option is to do a role-play essay (like an exam). It reinforces the theoretical balance between law and finance and a broader discussion of discipline based research techniques...




Contributes to all seven learning outcomes of subject...




Following Paul Ramsden’s logic “that assessment drives learning” , the assessment provides a clear allocation of tasks and an appropriate weighting of the exercises...


ICT Contribution


The form of an anonymous role-play facilitates challenging students' existing positions. It enables full and part-time students to work together easily. It is inclusive rather than exclusive...



Pedagogy Notes


There are three themes that underpin this learning design. Firstly, a desire to use a deep approach to learning as associated with high quality learning outcomes...




Mark Freeman had seen and read the work of other academics (Andrew Vincent of Macquarie University) with role-plays and it fitted into the hierarchy players format that we had been teaching since 1989. Originally the subject was a fulltime face-to-face class where student did presentations based on these ideas...




Research about this learning design implementation is included in a published article available online...


Designer Debrief


Learners expectations are identified and built upon throughout... There are multiple concepts and plenty of opportunity for feedback....


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