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Designers Voice - Context



The learning design involves students developing an interactive multimedia program. View the Learning Design Sequence for a graphical representation of this learning design.




In Interactive Stories, students work in groups to create an interactive multimedia module, usually in the form of a "choose your own adventure" story or "conversation" with a user....




Previous Examples, Dialogue Template, Software Documentation, Digital Video Camera, Computer Hardware and Software.




The learning supports are a critical component of this project, particularly the timing and access to these supports. The role of the content expert or teacher is also important, but can vary depending on context of implementation...



Setting Notes


Within one discipline at the University of Western Australia (UWA), a series of units are now using digital media technology in language learning. The first year unit incorporates a short-film project, the second year unit incorporates a Interactive Stories project, while the third year unit incorporates a larger short-film production...




The Interactive Stories approach seeks to attend to the four macro language learning areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening...




In the case of a group project, a common mark is usually given to the group, however various strategies may be adopted such as peer-marking or self-marking should variation on this approach be desired...


ICT Contribution


Digital media technology provides language students with quick and simple tools for practicing and demonstrating their language skills...



Pedagogy Notes


More particularly though it is the work of researchers such as Seymour Paper and David Jonassen and the concept of constructionism that underpin the design....




In 1996, the primary author visited an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney titled "Burning the Interface"....




This project formed part of the national ASCILITE-CUTSD project that focussed on the evaluation of computer-facilitated learning projects. A qualitative evaluation project was conducted during 2000-1...


Designer Debrief


While students are practicing and developing language skills in the four macro language learning areas, they are also developing skills in digital media, team-work, and organization...


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