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  Interactive Stories Design Team

"Language Learning with Interactive Stories"


Design Team
  Team: Michael Fardon and Michelle de Souza


  Focus: Project/Cast Study
  Discipline: Arts & Humanities
  Target: Undergraduate
  ICT used: Authoring tool (includes creating digital video)
  Scope: Over several learning sessions

Designer's Summary


Interactive Stories involves a learning design that has language students scripting, filming, and then editing/authoring “choose your own adventure” style multimedia modules. The terms “Interactive Conversations” and “Interactive Dialogues” have also been used to describe the student productions.

Interactive Stories assist in cultivating other skills in addition to linguistic proficiency.These skills are recognised by the project leaders and teaching staff as crucial learning outcomes. Through the use of multimedia the students further their technological aptitude.

Students experience the reality of engaging in language and logic in the production of their project. They encounter collaborative learning and are faced with the responsibilities and benefits imposed by team work. Organisational skills are critical to the success of the entire production.

Above all, the learning design in its entirety promotes creativity and artistic expression.

The learning design has been developed specifically for language students, particularly those undertaking units that include aspects of culture. However the design could be adapted easily to suit units from other disciplines such as law, business, and education.

Rationale for Inclusion


This exemplar has been selected for inclusion for the following reasons:

  • It represents a learning design that focuses on creative and artistic expression of langauge.
  • The learning design represents a novel use of ICT.
  • The learning design can be adapted to suit other disciplines and learning contexts.

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