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  Mekong e-Sim Design Team

Design Team


Team and Contact
Online Access
Intellectual Property and Dissemination
Related Publications

Team and Contact


Robert McLaughlan
Faculty of Engineering
University of Technology, Sydney
Lead designer and implementer

Professor Denise Kirkpatrick
Teaching and Learning Centre
The University of New England
Evaluator and designer


Holger Maier
Department of Civil and Environment Engineering
University of Adelaide
Designer and implementer

Philip Hirsch
School of Geosciences,
Designer and implementer

Online Access



Note: Extensive guidelines about how to design and implement Online Role Play plus examples of various role-play designs are available in the "Guides" section of this web site.

Intellectual Property and Dissemination

  There are no IP or copyright issues if this learning design were to be reused by other academics in institutions.

Related Publications


The following papers discuss the design of online roleplay/simulation, their evaluation and learning outcomes.

McLaughlan, R.G. and Kirkpatrick, D (2001) Peer Learning Using Computer Supported Role Play Simulations, in David Boud, Ruth Cohen and Jane Sampson (Ed), Peer learning in higher education: Learning from and with each other, Kogan Page, London, pp141-155.

Kirkpatrick, D and McLaughlan, R.G (2001) Evaluating Pollutsim: Computer Supported Roleplay-Simulation, Academic Exchange Quarterly, Winter 2001,Volume 5, Issue 4 , 2076-1w.

McLaughlan, R. and Kirkpatrick, D. (1999). A Decision Making Simulation using Computer Mediated Communication. Australian Journal of Educational Technology, 15(3), 242-256. http://cleo.murdoch.edu.au/ajet/ajet15/mclaughlan.html

The following paper discusses the staff-related academic and institutional issues that arose during the design and implementation of the Mekong eSim project.

McLaughlan, R.G., Kirkpatrick,D., Maier, H.R. & Hirsch, P. (2001) Academic and institutional issues related to the planning and implementation of a multi-disciplinary roleplay-simulation involving collaboration across institutions, In G. Kennedy, M. Keppell, C. McNaught & T. Petrovic (Eds.), Meeting at the Crossroads. Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference of the Australian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education. (pp. 407-415). Melbourne: Biomedical Multimedia Unit, The University of Melbourne, http://www.medfac.unimelb.edu.au/Ascilite2001/pdf/papers/mclaughlanr.pdf (PDF)

The following papers describe examples of different roleplay/simulations and the context in which they were used.

Kirkpatrick, D and McLaughlan, R.G (2000) Flexible Lifelong Learning in Professional Education, Educational Technology & Society 3(1), http://ifets.massey.ac.nz/periodical/vol_1_2000/v_1_2000.html

Maier, H.R. & McLaughlan, R.G. (2001) Use of a roleplay / simulation in environmental engineering education. In L. Dawes, W. Bowles and A. Maeder (Eds.), Towards Excellence in Engineering Education, Proceedings of the 12th Annual Conference of the Australasian Association for Engineering Education, Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering, Queensland University of Technology, pp.374-379

McLaughlan, R.G., Kirkpatrick, D., Hirsch, P.& Maier, H. R. (2001) Using online roleplay/simulations for creating learning experiences, CAL-laborate, v7(p23-25), ISSN: 1443-4482,

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