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The learning design focuses on the completion of one cumulative activity.

View the Learning Design Sequence for a graphical representation of the learning design.




The cumulative learning activity requires students to identify, select, reference and annotate a range of primary and secondary historical source...




A Study Guide, a reading guide, Sources for Courses Multimedia Database... The variety of resources caters for the different learning styles of students, and address different needs...




It is important to remember that, in the first instance,Sources for Courses has been developed for a particular cohort of students, namely a mixture of internal and external first year undergraduate history students...



Setting Notes


Sources for Courses provides an essential grounding in ways to identify, reference, read and evaluate historical sources. The content focuses on Australian history, the skills have a far broader application....




History research is underpinned by an understanding of the differences between primary and secondary sources, and of the layers of meaning which can be discerned in different types of sources....




Currently, the key assessment strategy requires students to submit examples of written annotations of selected sources at different stages of the unit....


ICT Contribution


The variety of resources and learning tasks imbedded in the database mean that students can locate the same source in a variety of contexts and with a variety of readings...



Pedagogy Notes


The approach and design is very much in accord with the constructivist approach to tertiary teaching with its emphasis on requiring the 'learner's active and continuous process of constructing and reconstructing his or her conception of the phenomena'...




The project was initially funded by an internal Teaching Development Grant from the UNE and emerged in response to perceived learning needs among first year history undergraduate students...




Different aspects of the first year Australian unit which incorporates Sources for Courses as an integral learning design have been evaluated...


Designer Debrief


Some students have demonstrated an inspiring imagination in their selection of sources. They have absorbed the emphasis on the diversity of sources available, browsed examples in the resource sets made available for the unit, and produced lists and annotations which show sophisticated and exciting understandings of why and how different sources can be used...


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