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Designers Voice - Context



The learning design implemented for this exemplar encompasses 4 main activities. View the Learning Design Sequence for a graphical representation of the learning design.




The round table scenario is based on a "real-life"environmental problem and is played out in the following sequence....




A range: Formal literature; Web based material; 'Grey literature'; ...




Students are supported by an intensive briefing about the aim of the task in the face-to-face tutorial in the first week...



Setting Notes


Students have fairly diverse backgrounds, given the flexible nature of the degree structure at Macquarie University. This is helpful in an exercise that deals with multiple perspectives...




In terms of core priorities, these could be summarised as: use of scientific principles in water resources management; demonstrating relevance of what is taught through reconstructing experiential real-world practice; learning skills to participate in negotiation processes that work towards consensus-based outcomes.




20% for round table exercise itself, based on position paper and questions to other stakeholders; 80% for an essay based on round table scenario which is expected to integrate lectures, reading, and the round table exercise itself.


ICT Contribution


ICT facilitated a process where large amounts of information conveyed from a wide range of perspectives could be presented and synthesised in an efficient and practical format...



Pedagogy Notes


The learning design is underpinned by the principles of adult learning theory and a constructivist approach to learning....




The exercise was initially developed following participation by the lead Intellectual owner (Gary Brierley) at various Water Allocation and Monitoring Program (WAMP) workshops in Queensland in the late 1990s....




In the first two years in which this module was run, informal class audits were completed to help make the module run more smoothly. In 2001 an evaluation using qualitative and quantitative methods was conducted....


Designer Debrief


The design acknowledges the learning context by exploring professional practice issues....


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