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  First Fleet Design Team

Design Team


Team and Contact
Online Access
Intellectual Property and Dissemination
Related Publications

Team and Contact


Professor Sandra Wills
University of Wollongong
Role: Designer


Albert Ip
Role: Designer of Fablusi

Adair Bunnett
Role: Historical Advisor

Online Access


Since role-play by its nature can only be seen when a class is actively enrolled in it, no URL can be provided. However, firstfleet.uow.edu.au is the link to the database that supports the role-play as a resource.

Note: Extensive guidelines about how to design and implement Online Role Play plus examples of various role-play designs are available in the "Guides" section of this web site.

Intellectual Property and Dissemination



The learning design is generic. The content in the website, character descriptions, and scenarios is copyright Sandra Wills. However in 2003 it will be freely available for reuse by other teachers via the Fablusi platform. There may be a small charge for the use of Fablusi which is a hosted web service.


The learning design has been reused. It is now being redesigned to stand alone as a role-play for use by other teachers, especially secondary teachers, and for university teachers as a staff development resource.

Related Publications


Wills, S., Ip, A. & Bunnett, A. (2000, December). Complementary Pedagogical Strategies for Online Design in ASCILITE 2000, Coffs Harbour.

This paper explains the reasoning behind the development of a role-play to complement the First Fleet database.

Wills, S. & Ip, A. (2002). Online Role Play as a Complementary Learning Design for the First Fleet Database in Linking Learners: ACEC 2002 Conference Proceedings, [CDROM] Australian Council for Computers in Education, Hobart, July 2002 ISBN 0-9581188-0.

This paper outlines an evaluation of the first two implementations of the role-play and recommendations for moderators in general.

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