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Designers Voice - Context



The E-Journal learning design comprises 6 fortnightly issues, spread over the duration of a semester. Alternate weeks comprise face-to-face tutorials and project work on case studies.

View the Learning Design Sequence for a graphical representation of this learning design.




Each fortnightly E-Journal issue comprises a set of issue-specific activities...




The online E-Journal and Virtual Reality computer labs are the two key resource components...




Orientational information is provided to the students via an Overview section of the site, as well as via the front-page matrix within each E-Journal...



Setting Notes


The original aim of the project was to develop a web-based teaching resource that would allow students and staff from the Industrial Design and Engineering disciplines to develop an understanding of the impacts of virtual reality on their respective professions...




Assist students to learn both theoretical and technical aspects related to their unit; Assist students to contextualise and apply theory learnt to their technical skills case studies...




BNB011 E-Journal utilises two continuous assessment methods, as well as the final case study project...


ICT Contribution


Affordances offered by the use of ICT include flexibility in time and place, and choice in learning styles...



Pedagogy Notes


The E-Journal methodology utilises a constructivist learning environment, offering a problem centred, activity-based approach that encourages cooperative group learning and reflection...




The E-Journal has undergone several stages of metamorphosis...




An evaluation is currently under progress for the BNB011 E-Journal approach, utilising the Flashlight evaluation methodology...


Designer Debrief


The E-Journal methodology offers a unified approach to developing both theoretical and technical skills through the use of Articles, Editorial, Tutorial and Case Studies pages...


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