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  Heritage Information Systems Design Team

Design Team


Team and Contact
Online Access
Intellectual Property and Dissemination
Related Publications

Team and Contact


Penny Collings
Computing, University of Canberra
Designer – recipient of CAUT grant. Lecturer-in-charge of the subject in which the learning is undertaken.

Anne McMahon
(retired) Psychology, University of Canberra
Recipient of CAUT grant.*

David Walker
(visiting) Information Systems, University of Canberra
Primary researcher, author and writer of all materials and documents. Designer of Lotus Notes systems to support the project.*


Errol Martin
(formerly with) Information Systems, University of Canberra
Recipient of CAUT grant.*

Frank Hicks
(retired) Sociology, University of Canberra
Designer – recipient of CAUT grant.*

Terry Webb
(visiting) Information Systems, University of Canberra
Tutor in the subject*

Dale Kleeman
Information Systems, University of Canberra
Tutor and sometimes lecturer in the subject.*

Avon Richards-Smith
Information Systems, University of Canberra
Designer and manager of Lotus Notes infrastructure for the School of Computing. Tutor in the subject.*

* Ongoing consultant to the teaching and learning activity.

Online Access


Participants’ Manual:

CHA materials:

An initial repository of material that is a starting point for the CHA’s IT infrastructure:

Intellectual Property and Dissemination


There are no IP/copyright issues. It is available for use. The two key documents are available online.

The hard part is to find people who are willing to put in the effort to this type of teaching/learning.

We are available for consultation with anyone who is interested in this (successful) work.

Related Publications


Alexander, S. & McKenzie, J. (1998). An evaluation of Information Technology projects for university learning, p. 155-168. CAUT, Canberra: Australian Government Publishing Service.

The following list refers to titles of Technical Reports and related conference papers.

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