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  Explore, Describe, Apply



"Explore, Describe, Apply:
A problem focussed learning design"

  Team: Ron Oliver and Jan Herrington

Designer's Summary


The strategy used in this learning design is problem-based and has been applied to a subject in a graduate certificate of online learning although the strategy could be used in many undergraduate and postgraduate subjects.

Rationale for Inclusion


This generic guide has been developed for the following reasons:

  • The learning design represents an online problem-based learning approach based on sound pedagogical principles. The essence of the design (i.e.Explore, Describe, Apply) supports learners in their construction of knowledge.
  • Its use of a single, sustained, authentic task and social constructivist philosophy engages learners and such a design could be applied in many different contexts. The notion of placing the learner in the setting of a professional role with authentic tasks is suitable for reuse in a variety of disciplines.
  • The learning design does not require complex or expensive teachnology infrastructure for its use. It could be supported by existing Learning Management Systems.

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Oliver, R. & Herrington, J. (2002). Explore, Describe, Apply: A problem focussed learning design. Retrieved , from Learning Designs Web site:

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