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  Review, Access, Question, Decide, Report, Reflect



"Review, Access, Question, Decide, Report, Reflect:
Structured problem solving"

  Team: Lisa Lobry de Bruyn with Catherine McLoughlin and John Hedberg

Designer's Summary

  Students are given structured tasks to solve in a given situation over a four-week period. The situation is tailored to the curriculum over the same period. Support is offered in the form of class discussion, Bulletin Board discussion and teacher-provided resources (both online and hard copy). The students are expected to conduct independent research and generate their own resources in order to resolve the given situation.

Rationale for Inclusion


The evaluators of the implementation of this learning design concluded that it represents an effective online problem-based learning model which can be applied in other contexts.

A particular feature of this learning design is the manner in which it carefully scaffolds learner passage through the problem-solving process.

As such, the learning design has been redeveloped in the form of this generic Guide.

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  Lobry de Bruyn L. with McLoughlin, C. & Hedberg, J. (2002). Review, Access, Question, Decide, Report, Reflect: Structured Problem Solving. Retrieved , from Learning Designs Web site:
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