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  Chemistry Pre-Labs Design Team

Design Team


Team and Contact
Online Access
Intellectual Property and Dissemination
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Team and Contact


Audrey Wilson
Department of Chemistry, University of Wollongong
Content expert, Project author, Project manager

Ros Atkins
Illawarra Technology Corporation
Project author


Beth Cavallari
At time of project development with Centre for Educational Development and Interactive Resources, University of Wollongong; Now with TEDI, University of Queensland
Instructional designer

Barry Harper
Faculty of Education, University of Wollongong
Technology advisor

Online Access

  Available on CD-ROM which can be purchased from the University of Wollongong Union Bookshop. Operational on both PC and Macintosh platforms.

Intellectual Property and Dissemination

  Copyright belongs to the University of Wollongong and some UOW staff members.
No difficulties are envisaged in negotiating use by academics in other institutions.

Related Publications

  None provided.
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