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  Teaching and Learning in Multimedia Design Team

"Online teaching and learning (Edith Cowan University Online Unit IMM4141 in Graduate Certificate in Online Learning)"


J Herrington
Design Team
  Team: Jan Herrington and Ron Oliver


  Focus: Problem Based Learning
  Discipline: Education & Educational Technology
  Target: Postgraduate
  ICT used: Web pages and discussion tools
  Scope: Entire subject

Designer's Summary

  The learning setting comprises an online subject over a 14-week semester where students assume a specified role (a representative from their university or institution) to work through three cumulatively linked assessment tasks that are structured as open-ended problems. By completing the tasks, the students engage with the unit content and apply it in a meaningful way, within a realistic context.

Rationale for Inclusion


This exemplar has been selected for inclusion for the following reasons:

  • The learning design represents an online problem-based learning approach based on sound pedagogical principles.
  • Its use of a single sustained, authentic task and social constructivist philosophy engages learners and such a design could be applied in many different contexts.
  • The learning design does not require complex or expensive technology infrastructure for its use. It could be supported by existing Learning Management Systems.

The learning design has been redeveloped in the form of a generic Guideline as the notion of placing the learner in the setting of a professional role with authentic tasks can be reused in many different disciplines and contexts.

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  Herrington, J. & Oliver, R. (2002). Description of Online teaching and learning (Edith Cowan University Online Unit IMM4141 in Graduate Certificate in Online Learning). Retrieved , from Learning Designs Web site:
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