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  Investigating Mathematical Assessment Strategies Design Team

Design Team


Team and Contact
Online Access
Intellectual Property and Dissemination
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Team and Contact


Anthony Herrington
Edith Cowan University
Role: Project Manager, Author, Content expert

Ron Oliver
Edith Cowan University
Role: Instructional designer, technology adviser


Len Sparrow
Curtin University of Technology
Role: Author, Content expert

Jan Herrington
Edith Cowan University
Role: Instructional designer

Online Access


The learning design is not accessible online although some of the resources are at:


A description of the interactive multimedia resource is available at:


Intellectual Property and Dissemination


IP and copyright are vested in Edith Cowan University and the four authors (by agreement with ECU).

No other parties hold any interest in the IP of the program.

The program has been marketed in Book and CD-ROM form by MASTEC, a commercial arm at ECU. It has been sold in this form, and in a few instances as site licenses, to over 36 Australian universities and schools. Copies have also been sold to educational institutions in Austria, Bhutan, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and USA.

The learning design has been replicated in another CD-ROM/Book package entitled Investigating Teaching Strategies in Mathematics Classrooms by the same authors and publisher. It focuses on allowing students to explore a range of teaching and classroom management strategies appropriate to mathematics teaching.

The resources elements of the program have also been used in a website entitled MEOW (Mathematics Education on the Web) at www.scam.edu.au/meow. This site was designed to support preservice teachers on professional practice in schools. It will soon be superseded buy a more extensive site incorporating support for beginning teachers.

Related Publications


Herrington, J., & Oliver, R. (2000). An instructional design framework for authentic learning environments. Educational Technology Research and Development, 48(3), 23-48.

This article provides the most comprehensive summary of the program and the research into the situated learning framework (on which it was based).

Herrington, A.J., Sparrow, L., & Herrington, J.A. (1997). The professional development of mathematics teachers: A multimedia approach. In N. Scott & H. Hollingsworth (Eds.). Mathematics: Creating the Future. (pp.159-166). Proceedings of the 16th Biennial Conference of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, Melbourne, Australia.

This article provides a succinct description of the theoretical framework and the program.

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