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Designers Voice - Context



The Learning Design is based on a Problem Based Learning approach that is repeatedly implemented during the four years of the study program. The complexity of the problems increases as students progress through this program of study.

View the Learning Design Sequence for a graphical representation of this learning design.




All learning and subject matter is integrated into a weekly case based focus...




Students have access to a vast array of resources ranging from print-based text books (a comprehensive set of basic medical texts is available in each tutorial room), lecture notes, interactive multimedia programs, online web sites, laboratory equipment, physical material, clinical tutors...




The program provides ample opportunity for collaborative face to face discussion plus electronic forums for the collection of feedback on specific issues...



Setting Notes


Mixed-mode including structured sessions; small groups and independent and online learning...




Development of a wide range of abilities appropriate for a beginning medical practitioner, clustered under four themes...




The assessment system is consistent with principles of problem based learning and is therefore designed to test a wide range of abilities. Apart from a small element of the formative assessment, it is not web-based...


ICT Contribution


The staged provision of detailed authentic learning resources simultaneously to a widely geographically dispersed Faculty, including flexible access for independent study...



Pedagogy Notes


The learning design is an application of many core educational principles, arising out of (for example): Constructivism, Adult Learning, Situated Learning, Problem Based Learning...




Derived from an educational model developed by negotiation with Faculty...




An elaborate evaluation system has been in place since the program's inception...


Designer Debrief


Extensive rehearsal is provided for clinical reasoning strategies plus opportunities to compare novice reasoning strategies with those of expert clinicians...


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