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This Toolbox has about a dozen different units, each using different problems and varying resources.

View the Learning Design Sequence for a graphical representation that illustrates one potential path that a learner may follow to complete a particular task.




Each learning unit involves the completion of an overriding learning activity, designed to provide the learner with practical experience in relevant areas of youth work...




The range of resources available in each learning unit are all contained within the web-based "toolbox" product as interactive articles, workshops and quizzes, or downloadable papers...




Standard support features that have been incorporated into the product (either as physical resources or as assumed delivery strategies) include the following:...



Setting Notes


This learning design is aimed at Vocational Educational and Training (VET) sector students who are undertaking the competencies through enrolment at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)...




The nine competency standards addressed by this product cover the following learning outcomes:...




Assessment strategies are not specified. These are left to the discretion of the delivering trainer or organisation, though the Trainer Guide provides some suggestions...


ICT Contribution


An online product allows for content to be presented to learners in an interactive and engaging manner, which can enhance the learning experience beyond that possible with alternative delivery modes such as paper-based resources...



Pedagogy Notes


The product was developed using a constructivist approach to learning, which encourages exploration and selection of resources that individual learners consider personally relevant...




The learning design used in this product is loosely based on a similar design implemented for a Series 2 Flexible Learning Toolbox, addressing competency from the 'Alcohol and other drugs' stream...




The development team have had only limited involvement in researching design effectiveness beyond a series of informal, exploratory sessions with learners currently studying the relevant competency standards in a class-based setting....


Designer Debrief


All activities and case studies are based on actual situations that learners would expect to face within the vocation of youth work. The realism of such activities provide learners with an early idea of the sector in which they will be working...


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