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Designers Voice - Context



The learning design is based on the use of an Excel spreadsheet simulator to complete one assessment task.

View the Learning Design Sequence for a graphical representation of this learning design.




Students "play the game"/interact with the simulator... build and trial a decision support system... reflect and document their learning experience...




An Excel spreadsheet is the primary resource...




Students will need help from the instructor in creating the decision support tool needed to complete the project; Students work in groups and thus there is an element of collaborative learning in this design...



Setting Notes


Production planning is just one module in a production / operations management course. This design is used in the middle of the paper...




Gain an understanding of material requirements planning, order release, bill of materials, capacity planning...




The learning design is implemented as an assessable task. The students submit the decision support model they have developed and a reflective essay...


ICT Contribution


The students do not have practical experience of a production environment. A simulation provides them the look and feel of this environment. The profit (and loss) imperative gives them an added motivation...



Pedagogy Notes


The model of experiential learning provides theoretical underpinning...




The idea stems from the authors' use of other production simulators...




The only research on this learning design is the formal and informal feedback received from students after undergoing the course...


Designer Debrief


Students found the make-believe effective in motivating them...


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